I am the daughter of an explorer who had a short-lived career as a China Airlines flight attendant before immigrating to the United States. One of my first airplane rides was at the age of 2 when I shared a middle seat with my Dad and definitely threw up all over him.

25+ years later, I’ve gone on a lot more airplane rides and thrown up one additional time (Vegas was particularly hard on me that year).

A tried and true J on the Meyers-Briggs scale, I love building itineraries for my trips but find that the best moments happen completely by chance. Allow me to save you the hours of research and provide quick and easy plans for your trips where the accomodations are a good value, the food leaves an impression and the time frame is justttt right.

Some things you should know: I’m not wildly outdoorsy and I’m a city girl at heart. I prefer people watching locals in a cute coffee shop instead of doing a 12-mile hike. I like museums, but only a little. I’ll agree to see the important, historical attractions of a city but to me, learning the daily culture of place is my ideal version of a museum.

You’ll learn the rest about me along the way. Get in touch: