Oslo Day 1: Meeting on the Opera House Roof

Our flight for Oslo was at 12:30pm so we still had a morning in Stockholm. At this point, we actually felt like we had seen everything. If you are a shopper, I would have definitely used this extra half day to do more browsing.

Having checked off everything on our list of things to see, we visited another highly rated cafe, Cafe Pascal, in Normalm for breakfast. Sweden is known for their cinnamon buns so we made sure to order one of those with our coffee. This cafe is another beautifully decorated space that makes you feel so cozy upon entering. I recommend visiting Cafe Pascal but it appears that all of their cafes are just as beautiful.

We took our time and I browsed Kinfolk’s Family issue which I LOVE.

Our check out of Generator was at 10am so we headed to the airport early, again taking the bus from Central station. I had thought I purchased us a roundtrip but after getting on the bus I realized I hadn’t because the QR code wasn’t working. Luckily, the driver let us get on still and we used the bus’ wifi to buy our tickets again. I can’t emphasize enough how prevalent public wifi was in Stockholm and as a traveler I appreciated it SO MUCH.

Central station is big but you just need to navigate towards the bus terminal and you will find what you are looking for. You can also take the Arlanda Express from Central station which is faster (20 mins travel time) but more expensive. We opted for the bus because we had the extra time.

We stopped into Stockholm’s Priority Pass Lounge, which was very confusing to find. There are multiple lounges but only 1 specific one you can enter if you on the flight we were on. It’s up an elevator next to the SAS lounge. At first, I thought the SAS lounge was ours and I almost died inside. Nope, this Priority Pass Lounge is prettyyyy basic but it was a helpful place to snack and kill time.

After landing on time in Oslo, we had to BOOK IT. Our flight landed at 2:30 so there was only so much daylight left. I wanted to catch sunset from the roof of Oslo Opera House. Oslo Airport (which is so beautiful inside) also has a bus and express train option to get to the city – same travel time as in Stockholm. We took the express this time and got to Oslo’s central station which is MUCH smaller than Stockholm’s.

Thankfully, our hotel, CityBox, was very close to the station. With self check-in kiosks, we were able to drop our stuff and start seeing the city with the limited daylight left.

In the end, there wasn’t much of a sunset view because it was very overcast and sprinkling in Oslo that day. It’s okay though because it still proved to be a good meeting spot to find our friends Melissa and Alex!

The opera house roof can be accessed from the outside and is free to the public

From here, it was time to check out the Christmas Market! I was so bummed that the Christmas market in Stockholm was not yet open. Unfortunately, it was raining for a lot of the time we were walking through the market but the lighting and festiveness certainly did not disappoint!

We stopped into a tent for mulled wine to wait out the heavy rain. Once it subsided, we starting our walking tour for the night. We walked 20 minutes each to the following places:

I so wanted to squeeze in a 2nd dinner at Delicatessen in Grunerlokka (they have multiple locations) but the 6 slices of pizza (THIN slices) got me so full. The area is a must for walking around though, this is where the trendy shops and restaurants are. There are several bars on this street but BrewDog is the one we decided to step into. This one tries to be pretty American so if you’re looking for something more local you can try any of the others with a lot of people inside.

Lofthus Samvirkelag was a bit out of the way but the thin crust pizza was really solid. There are other places in Oslo to get reindeer pizza but I thought Lofthus’ take on it with pomegranate seeds on top was a good idea.

After that, we did sneak in a hot dog at Syverkiosken which Melissa had bookmarked. It was a 1 minute walk from Lofthus so we decided why not! This stand has apparently been around for a very long time. The guy behind the counter was super friendly and offered us hot dogs with jalapeno sauce, mashed potatoes, and tortilla on top? They eat their hot dogs quite strange around here. This is Norwegian drunk food though and I am not going to complain one bit.

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