Alaska Airlines Companion Fare, Hamura Saimin, Lawai Beach Resort

As mentioned in my summary post, we came to Kauai to use up timeshare points that were expiring. The truth is, Robin and I had been eyeing Hawaii for awhile. Last year, Robin got the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card that grants you a BOGO (buy one, get one) Companion Fare pass after your card’s 1 year anniversary. Hawaii is the farthest place Alaska Airlines flies* so this was the perfect opportunity to use the Companion Fare.

Picking up our rental car was our introduction to the slower, Hawaiian lifestyle. As we were on the shuttle to the rental car facility, my Californian brain was already plotting the most efficient way to reach the counter before the other passengers on the bus #aggro. Turns out, no one else was thinking that way and instead, the other tourists slowly stood up from their seats and waited patiently in turn for each passenger to depart the bus. We ended up being 4th in line but the actual checkout experience took 10 minutes (lightyears in mainland time).

Our first stop was food (obvi) and we went to Hamura Saimin. “saimin” is Hawaii’s version of ramen. This spot is right next to the airport and perfect for a post landing or pre-departure meal. We ordered skewers and an XL bowl of the special but the best thing about this place is the lemon chiffon pie. It’s melt in your mouth good.

Afterwards, we ventured into Costco to stock up on food and snacks for our resort. Let me just say, it is the emptiest Costco you will ever experience in your life and it is NICE. I didn’t have to wait for a single sample – basically how life should always be. The prices and items are exactly the same though we found some specialty items like fresh, packaged saimin noodles, sashimi plates and huge lobster claws (more on that later).

Having landed in the late afternoon, we spent the rest of the day at Lawai Beach Resort. This resort is near Poipu Beach and across the street from Lawai Beach and Beach House Restaurant. There are 3 pools, a hot tub, outdoor grills and several DVDs to rent. Our 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit came with a large balcony where we spent a lot of nights. Our unit could fit 6 people so I would definitely be down to come back with a group of friends.


* With the Virgin America merger, you can now fly farther than Hawaii using the Companion Fare

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