Week in Review – 7/27/2017

Something that made me really happy:  I SAW ZAYN AT LOCK & KEY IN KTOWN. We made eye contact and he looked exactly like this:

“Ish Moment”: While on the Bachelorette this weekend, I was repeatedly affirmed by the girls around me for my ability to plan and stay calm and be assertive at the same time. Thank you girls for making me feel loved!!!

A learning moment: Don’t call a Lyft Line before you are ready to leave for the airport because you will rush and forget your backpack which has your ID and everything important in it. Secondly, do not put your wallet in a Porto’s bag because you will forget it in the Lyft on the way home and need to get it back.

Song/Podcast of the Week:  “Nobody Else But You” – Trey Songz is a catchy jam that speaks to my soul. I added it to a collective “Summer Vibes” playlist they are doing at work.

Interesting media/pop culture thing of the week: If you follow Justin Bieber’s Instagram, you already know that he is not well in the head. He just canceled the remainder of his Purpose World Tour and John Mayer (why?) explains it:


(Thank you late roommate Emily for reminding me of this piece of news)

What’s going on in the world: I was going to write about Sean Spicer resigning but I truly honestly don’t care. Trump tweeted that he plans to reinstitute (reinstate?) the ban on transgendered people serving in the military and I still can’t even with this presidency.

An Interesting thing I Read: The New York Times did a deeper dive than just reporting the news that Australian woman, Justine Diamond, was shot by a police officer in Minneapolis. It tells the love story of Justine and her husband as well as the reaction coming from Australia, where Justine is from.

A new idea I had: Who wants to be a podcast guest? 😉

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