Week in Review – 7/20/2017

Something that made me really happy: I shared a Lyft with 3 separate passengers this week. The driver was Middle Eastern but recognized one of the passenger’s name as Hindu so started speaking to her in Hindu because he had learned the language while being in the army. The white guy in the front seat (and me) were quiet the entire ride until right before he got dropped off he goes: “Do you guys watch Hindu movies? My favorite is [Hindu movie name]” The driver and passenger that were conversing were delighted and so amused. The white guy says “Yeah my girlfriend is Hindu” and exits the car. It was a great mic drop and also one of those “only in SF” moments

“Ish Moment”: If you haven’t heard, my cousin opened a gym in San Francisco! I have been very intimidated to take classes there up until this point. I went to Monday’s class called “Grynd”; I had heard it was quite difficult. I did the class though and felt quite proud of myself for doing something I was scared to do!

A learning moment: I got THE worst sunburn of my life after spending 5 hours in the sun on Yuba River. The lesson is always the same: R-E-A-P-P-L-Y. Perfect time for those back showy bridesmaid dresses ya knowwwww. Also, my mom can NEVER know.

Song/Podcast of the Week:  “Faking It” – Calvin Harris feat. Kehlani and Lil Yachty. It’s hard to articulate my love for Kehlani but she just has a way of capturing female empowerment and girlish romance so well in her music. I love this particular song because of the lyrics:

“Why you, why you, why you checking, if you’re over it
Why you, why you say let go, if you’re still holding it?”

I love the use of the word “checking” because we all know it refers to an ex stalking your social media or phone. It’s a reference that only applies to our modern culture and the way people interact not only with their exes, but their exes online personas.

Interesting media/pop culture thing of the week: Mindy Kaling is preggers and I have questions.


She’s 38, not dating anyone, and she isn’t revealing to anyone who the baby daddy is, even her close friends. It was also apparently an “unexpected surprise” If you have theories about what happened, comment below because this fan would love to know.

What’s going on in the world: We have a little “room where it happens” situation after Trump and Putin met alone, with only a Russian translator, at the G20 Summit this week. This kind of meeting is not unprecedented, but just not a good look for Mr. Trump

An Interesting thing I Read: Dave Chappelle interviews Kendrick Lamar for interview magazine. #Legends

A new idea I had: I have been inspired to get serious about the % of money I decide to donate and I need ideas of who to donate to! Let me know if you have cool ideas.

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