Point Arena Day 2: Anderson Valley

Sunday, July 1st

8:30am – You know you’re getting old when you wake up early on vacation. Habits are hard to break I guess so we are up and ready for breakfast at 8 am. There’s really only 5 restaurants in the small town of Point Arena (population 453) so we walk to Rollerville Cafe which actually sits right on our resort property.

Rollerville is the true definition of a small, family-owned diner and I was so happy to find that the food did not disappoint. I had the best corned beef hash of my life, they basically burn it so the hash is crispy.


So delicious

10 am – On to our drinking adventure for the day. Our goal is to check out the wine scene in Anderson Valley. My friend Courtney had just gone to a wedding in Mendocino and visited Pennyroyal Farm¬†on the way. Goat cheese and wine is a combination I can’t pass up so that’s our first stop.

To get from Point Arena to Boonville, where Pennyroyal is located, we took Mountain View Road. It’s an hour long drive of windy roads – not the most fun to drive but it gets you there 20 minutes faster than if you were to go up the 1 and head south on 128.

11am – Pennyroyal is fairly empty in its first hour of opening. We opt for the $5 wine tastings and a Farmstead cheese plate ($15) and sit outside on the patio. A Yelp check-in gets you a sample of their fluffy Laychee cheese but the best stuff was one of their surface-ripened cheeses called Bollie’s Mollies. The farm has tours twice daily where you can see the goats and get a wine/cheese tasting for $20.

I’m starting to see how some people have preferences for specific farms when it comes to produce and cheese. It definitely leaves an impression after you’ve actually visited a place.

12pm – After our tasting, we are recommended to visit Pennyroyal’s sister winery, Navarro Vineyards. Having frequented Napa several times, I can now never turn down a free tasting. At Navarro, there are 13+ wines available for tasting but they don’t recommend you try them all. It’s a casual spot for picnicking under an arbor but we opt to try our wines at the bar and go.


Picnic spots with great views

1pm – Our last wine tasting of the day is at Toulouse, another recommendation from Courtney. Here, we settle in at a table on their deck and try 5 of their wines. Pinot Noirs are big in Mendocino County which we enjoy but don’t end up buying anything that day.


2pm – We’re full of wine and it’s only 2pm. It’s super hot out so we decide to visit Anderson Valley Brewing Company on a whim. This wasn’t in our original plan for the day but I am SO glad we went because this ended up being my favorite place the entire trip.

Inside AVBC’s Tap Room

I have never fallen in love with beer until Anderson. 2 hours into our time there, I was throwing all my money at the bar to buy their merchandise and bottles of beer. Barkley’s Belgian Ale, Brother David’s Triple Abbey Style Ale and Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout make my top 3.

We end up spending almost the whole afternoon there getting close to 10 samples and playing board games.

5pm – We head back to the cottage and wait for Mama and Papa Yang to arrive with Mama Yang’s specialty beef noodle soup.

9pm – We blow up Robin’s queen size inflatable bed and find out he bought the kind that’s 2x the height of a normal inflatable bed lol.

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