Point Arena Day 1: Highway 1

Saturday, July 1st

9am – We begin our little road trip with very few stops in mind. The plan is to let Highway 1 take us where it may.

9:30am – We’ve been on an oyster kick after finding a wholesale spot in San Jose so no less than 30 minutes in we decide to make a beeline for The Marshall Store. Hog Island and Tomales Bay are typically the go-to options for oysters but without a big group or picnic prep, we figured Marshall Store was the way to go.

10am – Womp womp. We run into backed up traffic due to an accident we can see up ahead. People are getting out of their cars to check out the scene which is never a good sign. Thankfully we were far up enough that people who walked up to the scene came back to tell us it would be a long while so we turned around. We’ll get you next time Marshall Store!

11am – Quick plan switch. It looks like the alternate route up north is to take the 101 and what’s on the route? Russian River Brewing Company! I’ve never been able to go and the timing is perfect since we get there right at opening.

11:30am – We arrive just as they are seating the first round of customers so we get a table within 15 minutes. We’re nomming on this pizza, Pliny the Elder by the pint and simultaneously ordering 2 cases to go because when in Santa Rosa…

12:00pm – We’re super hyped on our beer haul so Robin’s not pissed when I request to cut back to the 1 and hit Bodega Bay. Spud Point Crab Co was in my bookmarks but I’m still stuck on my oyster fix so we end up at Fishetarian for clam chowder and oysters. The chowder was solid but the oysters were okay and the service was very slow. All in all, I would say Bodega is just aiite.

3pm – The only other stop we make today is at Fort Ross, which was on Robin’s list. It’s a State Historic Park that holds California’s first windmill, an actual fort that’s still in place and the preserved house of the original owners of the land. Apparently this area used to be a Russian-American Company settlement for 30 years, We couldn’t help but notice there were several Russian tourists walking around.

Of course, there’s some beautiful views as well. Here’s a struggle selfie:

4pm – We’re driving through Sea Ranch and I’m ogling at the houses, how I wish I could stay in one someday!

5pm – It’s been a pretty long day of driving and we finally arrive at our home for the next 4 days, Lighthouse Pointe Resort that my family booked through RCI.

7pm – These individual cottages have mini kitchens so we use leftover sauce from the day before to whip up a mushroom pasta with roasted zucchini and squash. With a bottle of wine opened, vacation has begun 🙂

Day 1 done!

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