Week in Review – 7/27/2017

An Interesting thing I Read: The New York Times did a deeper dive than just reporting the news that Australian woman, Justine Diamond, was shot by a police officer in Minneapolis. It tells the love story of Justine and her husband as well as the reaction coming from Australia, where Justine is from. 

Point Arena Day 3: Mendocino and Fort Bragg

Glass Beach has been on Robin’s bucket list for awhile so I’m glad we’re able to go during this trip. There are plenty of signs directing you to it  since it’s such a tourist destination. After getting out of the car and walking to the beach, I don’t really see anything that special. Are all the “glass rocks” gone?

Week in Review – 7/6/2017

Something that made me really happy: Any “Descendants of the Sun” fans out there? The actors are engaged in real life and I don’t know what I did in life to deserve such a treasure. After the relationship deaths of OTPs like Ryan/Rachel and Zac/Vanessa, my belief in celebrity love was dead.