Week in Review – 6/22/2017

Something that made me really happy: I went to Kehlani’s concert Saturday night after not having been to a show in awhile. Though I was surrounded by people much much younger (and drugged up) than me, I loved witnessing their passion for Kehlani, for music, for having a good time. Plus, Kehlani’s DJ Noodles threw it downnnnn. I love Asians.

“Ish Moment”: (Hopefully) crushed a final presentation for this big deal I’ve been working on. I feel like my manager and I did our best and left it all on the table, excited to see what comes next!

A learning moment: Got some insight into what future career moves might look like. It’s time to start considering what I want for my life and lifestyle in the next few years.

Song/Podcast of the Week:  “Wild Thoughts” – DJ Khaled feat. Rihanna and Bryson Tiller. It only confirms the idea I had 5 years ago that I want a Rihanna cover band at my wedding. What wedding?

Interesting media/pop culture thing of the week: For once, I was actually blanking on this section. Naturally, I scrolled through my texts with Emily to find the juiciest thing that happened this week. Charice Pempengco is now Jake Zyrus! Don’t remember her? I think you do.

What’s going on in the world: The tech world is going cray. Amazon acquired Whole Foods for ~$13B and Travis Kalanick stepped down as Uber’s CEO. The media is also cray, I’m reading all these headlines and everyone’s trying to interpret the companies’ motives and basically being super dramz.

An Interesting thing I Read: I started reading Ha Jin’s “Waiting“, a novel about a Chinese doctor who travels back to his home village in China each year and attempts to divorce his wife from an arranged marriage. Comment if you’ve read it!

A new idea I had: Related to my recent reading pick, I want to dive into Asian/Asian-American literature more. If you have good suggestions, please send my way.

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  1. 1) so honored to be mentioned in this post (even tho I’m still salty I was heretofore unaware of the existence of this blog [unclear if correct usage of heretofore])

    2) literally bought that book by Ha Jin like my second weekend in ny but haven’t gotten around to reading yet. Should it be at the top of my list??

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