Week in Review – 6/15/2017

Something that made me really happy: KD and his mom after the Warriors won the NBA Championship “We did it”

“Ish Moment”: I did the exact same routine every single day this week before and after work. This included journaling, working out, cooking, face masking and sleeping/waking up at the same times. Of course, this only happened because I had 0 plans after work this week and didn’t socialize with anyone.

A learning moment: Working with people comes with conflict; everyone likes to be treated differently.

Song/Podcast of the Week:  Not a lot of music is impressing me these days (though SZA’s Ctrl is on my “To Listen” list). Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast is back with its first episode on rich people and golf. It still surprises me at how opinionated Gladwell gets (he hates golf) but I love that he has a point of view.

Interesting media/pop culture thing of the week: Bachelor in Paradise production has shut down and the series as we know it is likely over. There’s still a lot of questions about what happened but reports are saying sexual misconduct occurred between 2 contestants, specifically sexual activity without consent. Bottom line is: alcohol is bad!!!!

What’s going on in the world: A shooting happened yesterday at a UPS facility in Potrero Hill, 4 people died including the shooter. Praying for the families of those involved. The shooter has been identified as a 38- year old man named Jimmy Lam and that gives me all kinds of feels.

An Interesting thing I Read: Breaking into the Booth” is about BA (bad ass) women Doris Burke and our very own Ros Gold-Onwude who are going above and beyond the role of sideline reporting for NBA games by adding game analysis to segments.

A new idea I had: Working on this thing for an hour a day is not too much to ask

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