Week in Review – 6/8/2017

Something that made me really happy: Successful 4 day Eurotrip to Barcelona!!!


Robin and I officially passed the “International travel” relationship test.

“Ish Moment”: Worked out and ate well 3 days in a row. Summer bod starts. now.

A learning moment: Experienced the vulnerability of my health, especially when I travel. I had to make a trip to the doctor which is NBD in the grand scheme of things but now I know why the older generation cares about health so much. It’s definitely not something to take for granted!

Song of the Week: Know No Better (feat. Quavo)  – Major Lazer. I think Camila Cabello is going to be good at this whole solo pop star thing. Also, we’re way past Quavo overexposure right?

Interesting media/pop culture thing of the week: Taylor Swift is putting her music back on Spotify and other streaming services the same day that Katy Perry’s new album, “Witness”, drops. It is pettiness to an extreme and I am so entertained.

What’s going on in the world: The country is in high anticipation for what this guy has to say


An Interesting thing I Read: Wanting Monogamy as 1,946 Men Await  My Swipe”

An essay that accurately articulates what online dating can feel like. It’s consistent with conversations I’ve been having with coworkers and friends about dating.

A new idea I had: I need to start using my external hard drive because all the video stored on my computer is slowing it down. Yes I’m still vlogging, just trying to figure out the best way to distribute it. Stay tuned!

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