Barcelona Day 3: I could get used to this

Monday, June 5

6am – I wake up from jet lag but have to wait 3+ hours for everyone else to rally

10am – Stop in for a coffee, smoothie, a tiny baguette jamon sandwich, and a croissant at Artisa, right off Las Ramblas.

10:30am – My new thing is getting juices on trips so I can somewhat maintain my health. I find Terese Carles Healthy Foods on TripAdvisor. It’s a bougie but cute cafe that has cold-pressed juices in a fridge as well as sit-down breakfast. The service is super slow so I just drink my “Green love” juice at a table.

11am – We pre-bought tickets to Sagrada Familia (v necessary to buy tix in advance for the tourist spots) so we hop on the metro to get there on time. This is the only time we took the metro since 4 people and inexpensive cabs makes more financial sense, but I wanted to experience their public transportation just once. It’s very efficient and pretty clean, overall pretty impressed with Spain’s public services.

DSC00065.JPGDSC00068.JPGDSC00069.JPGJust. super. gorgeous.

1pm – We think we’re super clever and beating the rush for lunch but there’s absolutely no one at Restaurant Etapes when we get there. It’s a holiday today but no one seems to know what it is. “I don’t know, something religious” our server says.

This is our most expensive meal on the trip (50 euros per person) and it’s Michelin recommended. I was particularly impressed with the duck ravioli and scallops with crispy jamon on top.

Duck ravioli

2pm – Nap time because this jet lag is killing me

5:30pm – Robin has a high school friend who has lived in Barcelona for 3 years with her husband. We make the 20 minute walk to her house and pick up 2 bottles of 6 euro reds on the way. The wine here is cheaper since many aren’t as alcoholic and meant to be table wines that are easy to drink.

6pm – Jessica lives in an old Spanish building that is a 5 floor walk-up. It’s essentially a studio with a small den and a sizable terrace for entertaining guests. I am living “Eat pray love” or any movie where the girl lives her European dream. We sip wine (lots of it) and chat for a few hours.

Taking selfies on selfies on Jessica’s roof

9pm – Jessica’s recommendations have not disappointed one bit on this trip, so we follow her instruction to Tosca which is right downstairs from her house. We feast on burrata and bread, sangria, Iberian ham and tomato bread – are you noticing a trend yet?

10:30pm – What’s a night in Barcelona without a bar? Jessica’s husband told us about Paradiso, a speakeasy that serves Pastrami out front. There’s a bit of a wait to get inside and once inside, it is packed! We end up having to stand at the counter while we had our unique drinks served in different ways – in a smoke pipe, in a box, in a seashell, etc.

11:30pm – We end our trip at Ascensor, another recommendation. This one looks like a British pub on the inside but they serve a Negroni with Mezcal. I’m not a fan of Negronis but the mezcal in this one makes it easier to drink. We take our best Instax to date and I am obsessed with them.


The next day, we woke up, picked up delicious chicken and jamon sandwiches for the plane at Forn Boix, and cabbed to the airport.

The end of an epic 2.5 days in Barcelona that was a huge success despite flying in/out so quickly. $300 so worth!

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