Barcelona Day 2: Gin & Tonics

Sunday, June 4

2pm – Wake up from the big night, oops.

3pm – Still normal lunch time in Spain. We walk into Robadora and order their octopus, ribs, and exactly 1 croquette. Best octopus I’ve had in a restaurant and the ribs were super tender. I would recommend getting some greens to cut up the heaviness of these dishes but otherwise, an awesome choice for lunch.


4pm – There was a huge flea market near Rambla de Reval which we quickly browsed before stopping in for coffee at La Monroe. The food here looked pretty good as well! I mostly loved their covered patio seating and the place was poppin’ in the afternoon.



5pm – We booked tickets in advance to see Parc Guell (definitely necessary) and we really lucked out on weather here. During our cab ride it started raining, even pouring. When we got out, everyone was grabbing shelter at nearby cafes. Thankfully, we only had to wait out the rain for ~10 minutes before it cleared up. Online forecasts with rain by the hour are extremely helpful here.

5:30pm – Even though I’ve been to Barcelona before, it was refreshing to see these Gaudi sites again (read: I forgot them all). Definitely a super touristy spot, but we discovered Portrait Mode in the open space area with the mosaic benches.


It was concerning when we walked out of the park and Robin asked “where all the mosaics are”.

6pm – We figured we should take advantage of the good weather and headed to Casa Battlo; bus 24 goes door to door and takes about 30 minutes. We paid extra for these Casa tickets to a) go whenever we wanted and b) to skip the line. I rushed through the entire house to get to the beautiful roof I remembered, but turns out I had visited Casa Mila before, not this one. Both houses feature really beautiful Gaudi designs but I would say the roof of Casa Mila is definitely more interesting. Casa Battlo is more known for its exterior, and the inside Gaudi created an underwater feel.

With our hip audio guide headphones

7pm On the way to dinner, we pass by Casa Mila which opens past 9pm but ticket prices double at night. We decide to come back tomorrow if we have time. 

7:15pm – La Pepita, another friend recommendation for dinner, turns out to be super close to the Casa’s. We learn that “pepita” stands for open-faced sandwich which is their specialty. We also order croquettes, Iberian ham, and salads.


8:30pm – We walk out of the restaurant and there’s a huge crowd outside waiting to eat there. Pro tip: eat early

8:35pm – We get churros and chocolate 2 doors down. I don’t think this place is the best in Barcelona but it seemed like a very typical churreria. We get 1 order since it comes with 6 short churros and enjoy dessert standing in the street.


9pm – We don’t deserve to nap today because of our late start so we head to get drinks. I loved this night a lot because we experienced several bars with different atmospheres. Barcelona is very into craft cocktails and we learned that Gin & Tonics are everywhereeee. Apparently, they just became popular in Barcelona 3 years ago.

Bar Marsella – absinthe bar that Hemingway used to frequent. They serve gin & tonics too
We witnessed a Bottellon outside Kino, where locals gather in a public area to drink

1am – Bed time, not as big of a night but my heart is happy

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