Barcelona Day 1: The big night

Saturday, June 3

3pm – Our LEVEL flight landed safely  30 minutes after the scheduled time due to a late start.

3:30pm – Customs in BCN was super fast and we were able to hop on the Airport Bus A1 by following signs to T1,T2. You can pay with credit card or in cash, it’s 5.60 euro per person and leaves pretty frequently.

4:00pm – After a 20 minute ride, we walked 15 minutes down Las Ramblas to our hotel, BCN Home Guest House. Reception was already closed but they provided super smooth instructions to get into our room. The private room we booked had small square footage but included a queen size bed and and newly renovated bathroom. I should note there was no door to the bathroom so…intimacy.

4:30pm – We met up with our travel companions Amin and Anjani at La Tasqueta de Blai and started a mini tapas hop down Calle Blai, a street full of tapas from the North. I realized pretty quickly that this type of food is not my cup of tea, but it was cool to experience the street full of stores on both sides with outdoor seating in the middle. You can eat and drink your way down the street with friends, and it’s not too expensive!

8pm – Nap time to prepare for “the big night”. Given that it was Saturday, we wanted to take advantage of seeing Barcelona night life in full effect.

11pm – The nap went a little longer than expected but it was time to start the party! If you didn’t know, Spaniards eat late and party late. We looked up clubs to go to, many of them open at midnight but you know they don’t pick up until 2am.

11:30 – After a failed attempt to go to a friend’s recommendation for dinner at Arume (reservations encouraged), we Yelped our way to O’Toxo 3 Hermanos. Arume closes at 11 so it turns out it is possible to be too late for dinner. I don’t really recommend Yelp in foreign countries since it’s typically used by tourists, but 3 Hermanos did not disappoint!

This was our first introduction to foods we would be eating A LOT of this trip: tomato bread, Iberian ham, and fried potatoes with sauce.

2am – Our 2nd fail of the night happened when we cabbed all the way to La Terrrazza, an open-air club on top of Montjuic, and they were sold out for the night. I had looked online earlier and cover was only 12.50 euros, but unfortunately we couldn’t purchase at the door. The pictures of this place look intriguing though and wish we could have visited.

2:30am – Instead, we end up at the infamous Razzmatazz. I was a bit apprehensive since this club is known as the one students and young people go to but I had a great time! There was a huge long line outside; however, they started letting everyone in at once and the club was not packed when we got inside. We paid a ~20 euro cover to enter but we found out later this ticket acted as drink tickets as well.

Razzmatazz is huge!!! It has 5 different rooms including the top floor which is electronic. Being the American girl I am, I ended up spending most of the time at the small “American top 40” room with many a vodka soda.

I loved how spacious the place was and there was even a DJ in the bathroom playing “Mask Off”. Amazing.

5am – Somehow this time happens and we find ourselves trying to hail a cab (no Uber life) right outside the club. We end up having to walk a few blocks out in order to call one successfully. I forego food and head to bed by 5am. A big night indeed.

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