Week in Review – 5/25/2017

Something that made me really happy: SoCal makes me really happy every time I’m there. Maybe it’s the sun or maybe it’s just the proximity to famous people.

“Ish Moment”: Got to see the effectiveness of in-person meetings during a work trip to SoCal this week

A learning moment: Realized I got charged $$$ for the rental car I got in Florida 2 weeks ago for Nicole’s wedding. Note to self: Don’t just leave a rental car in the parking lot and hope someone finds it

Song of the Week: Rollin – Calvin Harris, this Taylor revenge album is going to be so good. Thanks Amin for playing it on our Napa trip and reminding me of this gem!

Interesting media/pop culture thing of the week: The Bachelorette premiered and I have high high hopes for this season

What’s going on in the world22 precious Arianators were killed by a suicide attacker after her concert in Manchester. ISIS has claimed responsibility for it but some things are still uncharacteristic of their usual attacks. Found this journalist on Twitter who is a great follow

An Interesting thing I Read: What is Katy Perry Doing?” I wholeheartedly agree with every word in this article, including the only time Katy Perry made me cry

A new idea I had: I should spend more time on this thing

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