London Day 6: Carnaby, Regent, Borough Market

Thursday November 24 (what is Thanksgiving here?)
11am –  Carnaby Street shopping, Lily found a jumpsuit for holiday party at AQ/AQ. I found white jumpsuits to potentially get married in, NBD.
2pm Work meeting at Horseferry House

3pm – Borough Market = so much wine, cheese, cured meats and produce!

No Square problems here I guess
4pm – Walked the Millennium Bridge, but before that…the Tate Modern! I don’t usually love modern art but I thought the pieces here were cool!
“He who in 1972 can live carefree and sleep peacefully despite knowing that two thirds of humanity are hungry or dying of starvation while a large proportion of the well-fed third must take slimming cures in order to stay alive should ask himself what kind of man one is and whether, forever, he is a man at all.” -Joseph Beuys, oof
Andy Warhol, because duh
6pm – On the other side of this bridge, we stopped in a local pub for mulled wine and sticky toffee pudding because this had become a daily habit by this point.
8pm – To finish off our night, Lily and I balled out at Boca di Lupo. Great great pastas, ox cheek, burrata, and not that expensive.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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