London Day 5: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter, all day
I would tell you about the plot but…#KeeptheSecrets
I will go into detail about how we acquired tickets though. For context, the show is actually split into 2 parts so there are technically 2 plays you have to see to get the full story! And YES, it’s 100% a cliffhanger so if you feel like you can walk away after Part 1…more power to you.
The show is sold out through February 2018 but they release about 40 tickets every Friday. That timing didn’t really work for us, plus you’d have to get in line several hours before they actually go on sale.
We acquired tickets to Part 1 on StubHub and boy did we pay a premium. We read a bunch of stuff online and got scared because there are stories of the Theater not redeeming tickets that were resold, but likely through much shadier methods. The fact that the tickets were available for pickup at the StubHub office calmed our nerves our bit. The office, by the way, is conveniently, less than a block from Palace Theater.
Ticket holders, like legitimate ones, have the option to resell through the box office so it’s always worth going there and checking. People will either resell 2 parts, or single parts individually. It’s much much easier to get single parts, and usually Part 2’s will be available since not a lot of people just want Part 2. This is where we lucked out!
We ran directly to the box office after Part 1 and secured the last few tickets that were returned for Part 2 only. Whew!
Afterwards, Lily and I went to Sketch for drinks, spent $42 on 2 drinks. Good life choices. Cool bathrooms though.
Thursday night rage, went all the way back to Notting Hill to find out the event at the Notting Hill Arts Club on Facebook wasn’t happening anymore. Ended up at a house party/bar and danced on tables.
We’re a mess

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