Iceland Day 5: Southeast

After the previous day’s tough drive, we opted to skip the smaller routes today. The consequence was missing a couple fjords but the Ring Road also takes you around a couple, like Berufjordur, on the route towards the South.

First stop: Djupivogur

This is a small town with only 3 dining options (we had the fish soup and cake at Langabud). It mainly serves as a pit stop for large tour buses but it’s also the place to depart for puffin tours.

We only did 2 formal stops today but it was an incredibly scenic drive. We would stop occasionally to take pictures like this:



It’s crazy how every region can look so different and remind us of different areas. This day alone, it felt like we woke up in Tahoe and drove through sunny Hawaii.


We reached our home for the night in the city of Hofn, also a super tiny city. However, the nice thing is that you get acclimated pretty easily and it’s hard to get lost. You start recognizing the same brands of gas stations and grocery stores at each place.  At this point, we readily recognize “netto” the grocery chain and “Vinbudin”, the government owned liquor stores.

Where we stayed: Artun Apartment

This was another AirBnB type place booked through Agoda.Super nice right? It reminded me of a modern Shanghai or SF Soma apartment in the middle of Iceland.

Now here was the best part of our time in Hofn: Instead of ordering expensive Humar or langoustine at one of the restaurants (the city’s specialty), we opted to grocery shop and cook in our own kitchen. My family does this at least once every trip but normally it’s instant ramen or hot pot.

We were semi-surprised to find Hofn didn’t have a fresh fish market but we found the frozen fish section in netto was quite sufficient. A few days old but I’ll take it!

We prepared sashimi for the first time and it was DIVINE. I do not understand why I’ve never done this before. I should also confess that I actually wiki-how’ed the steps to prepare sashimi and you’ll never guess what it is:

  1. Buy the fish
  2. Cut the dish
  3. Serve the fish

Yeah. In my defense, I was a little nervous about sanitation and I’m still in the window where something could happen to my body so stay tuned.

We cooked some of the fish as well, normal pan fry with potatoes and vegetables. Basically we recreated the $30 meals we had been paying for at restaurants. Amazing! I will need to find access to the freshest fish the second I get back to San Francisco. My life has been changed forever.

It feels like we’ve had a chill 2 days recently but we’re just preparing ourselves for the Golden Circle craziness. Until tomorrow, goodnight!

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