Iceland Day 3: North

Before heading out on the road, we checked out the Botanical Gardens in Akureyri. Not a must-see but cool to see the types of flowers that are unique to this country.

Heading towards the big city in the north, Husavik, our first stop was a gorgeous waterfall.

First stop: Godafoss (“waterfall of the gods”)img_0356

Though we saw many other waterfalls throughout the trip, some even larger than this one, Godafoss really made an impression on me and is one of my absolute favorites. This was just the first waterfall that gave me Justin Bieber “I’ll Show You” video vibes.

Second stop: Lava pillars in the Myvatn region

I wish I could tell you the exact science of how these lava pillars came to be, but alas, I hate science. Does anyone know how this happens? Either way, they look gorgeous. This was a scene we came across after doing a 1 mile walking loop at the Hofoi peninsula.

Third stop: Grjótagjá aka the Game of Thrones cave

If you climb on top, you see a major fissure. In other words, you witness the world splitting in two. But when you look down into the issue, you find this beautiful, enclosed hot spring. We climbed inside the cave and the water is actually hot!

This was our last stop on the Lake Myvatn tour before reaching our guest house in Husavik.

Where we stayed: Arbol Guesthouse

This is a true guesthouse meaning we shared a bathroom with the rest of the guests. This was our corner room which had plenty of windows, making it a comfortable place to rest. The bathrooms in the hallways were super clean and never crowded.

Where we ate, Dinner: Naustio


This restaurant was listed in Lonely Planet and just happened to be next door to our guest house. Here, they serve fish on skewers instead of pan fried like we had seen previously. They are also known for their fish soup and a mashed fish dish which I would not recommend. We got a sampling of all of it and liked the food but it did not blow us away like Akureyri did.


As for things to do in Husavik, the handsome young man at reception did not seem to have too many recommendations. As we walked around before dinner, it became pretty clear that there are at most 5 major restaurants and not much else.

The main attraction in Husavik is to go whale watching; however, my parents have adopted the mentality that once you’ve seen some whales, you’ve seen them all. If I were to come back, I would definitely make time for it. I’m pretty convinced this particular bay has a lot of whales. Each tour operating company boasts a 95%+ whale sighting success rate which is more than I can say for Newport Beach.

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